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by Vaughn A. Lauban


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The Styles You Want Most!
Browse through schematic floor plans of Country, Rustic, Colonial, Traditional and European styles.

All Plans Include:
Floor plan with electrical layout , 4 Exterior elevations, Foundation, Cabinet elevations and special detail,Construction detail, A/C and heat duct layout, Heat loss/gain on request, F.H.A./ V.A. specifications

Reverse Plans:
Should you desire your house reversed (mirror image with the rooms on the opposite side) we suggest that you order one set REVERSED. (The lettering will read backwards.) This set will be used for foundation layout. Order all other sets as shown in the book as the sub-contractors can work in reverse order. There is no additional charge for reversed sets.

Sets Required:
We suggest a minimum of six sets for construction. You will need plans for your mortgage company, building inspectors, prime contractor, sub-contractor and a set for yourself.


Copyrighted by Law
All the schematic plans in this catalogue and shown here are copyrighted by the Library of Congress of The United States of America. It is illegal to reproduce these plans by any method to obtain a set of working drawings. These plans may only be obtained through this firm or its agent. This applies to architects, engineers, designers, drafters, copy shops, etc. No derivative may be made of these plans my making changes to the original design. Using a copyrighted plan for a basis is also illegal unless a written copyright release is obtained from this office. Copyright infringement carries a penalty of $100,000.00 plus court costs. Thank you for respecting the intellectual property of this firm and my livelihood.

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